Physiotherapists uses a variety of assessment and treatment tools

Manual therapy

Manual therapy (or manipulative therapy) refers to the practice, within musculoskeletal physiotherapy, of therapist-applied passive or assisted active movement techniques for the management of pain and impairments in the articular, neural and muscle systems

The passive and passive-assisted movement techniques of manual therapy are used both as assessment and management techniques.

Soft tissue techniques

Miofascial release
Triggerpoint release

Exercise rehabilitation

Exercise-based rehabilitation should be introduced at a stage of physiotherapy management that is appropriate for the injury. It is a broad concept, encompassing strengthening, training regimes, facilitation of neuro-motor control systems and stretching.


This includes:
1. Electrical Stimulation

  • TENS- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – used for pain relief
  • NMES- Neuromuscular electrical stimulation – electrical stimulation of muscle or tissue via an intact nerve
  • EMS-Electrical muscle stimulation – direct stimulation of a denervated muscle via its muscle fibers.

2. Therapeutic Ultrasound
Ultrasound is effective in treating diseased and dysfunctional joints and joint components and muscle injuries.
Ultrasound treatment goals: Reduce pain, improve elasticity of fibrous structures, increase blood flow, to improve tissue nutrition